Why is it a good idea to have your car serviced by an Audi dealer?

If you have a performance car, like an Audi, you have to take good care of it if you want it to drive at its best.

When it comes to maintaining your car, the options are generally one of the following: You can attempt repairs and servicing on your own, take the car to your local car repair shop, or, you can head to your nearest Audi dealer. But which option is the best when it concerns taking care of your highly valued Audi?

If you care about your car, you should choose the Audi dealership. Audi dealers know your car inside out and can help you maintain and repair it in the best possible way. Audi dealers must conform to high-quality standards. When you book in your Audi at an Audi dealership, you can expect a wide range of benefits. Below are some advantages of having your car serviced at an Audi dealership.

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Audi Service Procedures are Always Followed

With every Audi, there are a number of standard service procedures that must be followed which your Audi dealer is familiar with. They have the latest diagnostic tools and use the best service methods. Audi dealers do far more than simply carrying out things like changing the Audi Q5 engine oil, assessing the Audi Q7 oil type, or replacing the oil filter. They also check whether the car meets the standards set by the manufacturer, Audi.

Having your car serviced by the experienced technicians at Audi gives you that added peace of mind.

Having the support of the manufacturer enables Audi dealerships to perform repairs and services as accurately and promptly as possible. Local garages often do not have the same level of technical knowledge and support, when it comes to things like complex repair procedures and being up to date on the latest service and safety bulletins. Having your car serviced by the experienced technicians at Audi gives you that added peace of mind.

Why service my Audi at a certified service centre?

High Standards of Customer Service

Since dealers operate under the Audi name, customers demand the highest standards, and rightly so. Customer satisfaction is crucial to any dealership maintaining their reputation as the face of this quality European brand. Head office ensures that the local dealership network is held to a high standard. They don`t want to jeopardize their reputation through dealerships not adhering to set standards. Dealers know that if customers are dissatisfied with their service, this has a negative impact on their brand and will often result in poor customer reviews which can do a lot of damage to their reputation.

The Luxury Customer Experience

Qualified Technicians

Audi dealerships have certified, well-trained and experienced technicians. The best thing about an Audi dealer is the wealth of knowledge these technicians have. They know everything about the maintenance and repair of Audi cars and because of this will often diagnose a fault far quicker than someone not specialised in Audi. This is because they work exclusively on these cars, whilst mechanics at other local repair shops work on many different makes of cars. Audi technicians understand the importance of good customer service.

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Genuine Audi Parts

It can be difficult to distinguish between genuine parts and non-standard parts. It is always best to use genuine parts for your Audi. These parts are guaranteed and and save you the risk of substandard parts being fitted to your Audi. Local garages will sometimes offer an aftermarket alternative to a genuine Audi spare part, but keep in mind that this may void warranty as well as potentially affecting the resale value of your car. At Audi, you are guaranteed genuine parts.

Keep in mind that non genuine parts may void warranty as well as potentially affecting the resale value of your car

Above are just some of the benefits of having your car repaired at a dealership. There are many other benefits of an Audi service centre, one being the courtesy vehicle you receive for the duration of the time your car is at the dealership workshop. When you take your Audi to a dealership, you can be sure that it is in good hands. Nothing beats the quiet confidence of knowing you are receiving quality logbook servicing and repairs.

An Audi Service Centre will only use genuine Audi parts

Audi Servicing

Entrusting your Audi’s servicing to an authorised Audi dealer is undeniably a wise choice. Not only will they provide professional and expert care for your vehicle, but their in-depth knowledge and access to genuine Audi parts ensure that your car receives exactly what it needs. In addition to maintaining your Audi at home, using an Audi dealer for regular servicing guarantees peace of mind, knowing that your vehicle is in the hands of certified technicians who are dedicated to keeping it in optimal condition, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable driving experience for years to come.

Any information and advice is general in nature, and any opinions expressed are those of the author.

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